Breast Implant and Augmentation in Malaysia

About Monobloc Silicone Implants – Understand the Features, Profile, Texture, Fillers & Shape.

Arion Breast Shapes

Breast Implant and Augmentation in Malaysia.

About Monobloc Silicone Implants – Understand the Features, Profile, Texture, Fillers & Shape.

Arion Breast Shapes

Round Implant

The influence of gravity tends to diminish the beautiful curve of the upper breast, making the chest look flatter and less full.

This type of implant fills out the existing mammary tissue by augmenting the volume, especially higher up, giving the breast a more domed shape.

This implant has a more natural shape that imitates the body’s original curves.

The implant fills out the existing mammary tissue with subtle augmentation of the upper part and more marked augmentation of the lower part.


Autogenous welding of occlusion disc with the envelope to ensure the lowest possible rupture rate

Barrier layer in the envelope to prevent the leakage silicone oils from being diffused into the body

Seal patch welded with the envelope – No risk of loosening or leakage (as compared to glued patches)

Monobloc shell – 6 layers of biocompatible silicone elastomers & 2 internal layers with anti leaking property to prevent leaking of gel

Minimal Scarring – Highly elastic – 700% Stretchability allowing extensive deformation without gel rupture allowing smaller incisions 2-3cm giving less visible scar on the breast

Texture of the Covering

Round implants (Monobloc-Silicone) – MICROTEXTURED

Implants can be smooth, textured or micro-textured.

A special process may be carried out to make the surface a little rough to promote adhesion to surrounding tissue. Such adhesion prevents rotation of an anatomical implant and has an impact on the development of capsular contraction. A textured implant may require a longer incision because it is more difficult to insert. This can require the surgeon to exert more force, which can aggravate the risk of damaging the implant and may reduce its lifetime.

Factors like the position of the implant, its size and the amounts of skin and tissue covering it can affect how it feels on palpation, e.g. prepectoral implants tend to be more palpable than retropectoral ones.


Arion breast implants can be filled with different substances.

The silicone gel used in MONOBLOC® silicone SoftOne® implants is viscous, i.e. it is not liquid so it will remain stable and keep its shape even if the covering ruptures. Its viscosity makes its consistency close to that of the mammary gland tissue.


An implant’s profile will depend on its frontward projection from the chest wall.

Round MONOBLOC® silicone implants are available in Low, High, Intermediate, Extra High and Ultra-High profiles.

ARION Safety Statistics

The cumulated rupture rate* for the Monobloc® – Silicone SoftOne® by texture:



Arion commits itself with the Serenity pack, which is a real guarantee of satisfaction for you.

The Laboratoires Arion, in case of loss of integrity of the implant envelope meaning a re-operation, replaces the damaged implant free of charge, and possibly contribute to the operation charges according to the conditions of the Arion Serenity Pack (0-5 YEARS).

For more information on the Serenity Pack, please ask your surgeon.


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Medical Device Authority Malaysia

EC Quality Assurance System Certificate

EC Design Examination Certificate

Quality Management System Certificate

Past Events


Plastic Surgeon & Physician

Historical Achievement

Invented the first inflatable prosthesis in the world.

Forefront of Tech & Safety

Experience curve of more than 40 years & 30 years in research and clinical trials.

FDA Approved Silicone Gel

Using medical silicone
for long term implantations,
complying with ISO 14949 & approved by FDA.

EU Certified

CE marking certified
>10 years ago by G-MED, French notified body recognised internationally for their work.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Purpose of having Breast Implants?

They can be used for reconstruction or augmentation, to correct or improve certain imperfections, shapes and/or contours.

Breast Augmentation
This is a cosmetic surgery that can increase both the breasts, correcting any volume differences between them.

Replacement of previous implants
This surgery concerns the replacement of an old implant with a new one.

Breast Reconstruction
This is a surgical procedure that aims to restore the natural shape of a breast lost after an illness or accident.

Recommended Surgeons that are familiar with Arion?

The surgeons that are familiar to Arion
Klinik Plastik Surgeri Soma (SJ Clinical Aesthetics Sdn. Bhd.)
03-5634 4404

Bukit Tinggi Medical Centre
03-3884 3884

Nicanor Plastic & Cosmetic Surgery
012-334 8873

I would like to increase the volume of my breast, where do I start ?

The first step is to consult a trusted plastic surgeon. By doing this, you will have proper guidance and answers to all your doubts and questions.

How do I undergo breast implant surgery in total safety?

Obviously, surgery using breast implants requires a careful preliminary investigation of the health of the patient to assess critical pre- and post-operative conditions, these conditions being largely responsible for the overall success of the procedure. Post-operative recovery takes place in the recovery room for about two hours and after returning home, there must be a rest period of 5 to 10 days, without too much effort or physical exercise. Your surgeon will give you an appointment for a check-up a few days after the surgery and several other consultations during the first year, usually 1, 3, 6 and 12 months after the implant placement.

How do I choose the most suitable breast implant ?

After an in-depth, meticulous assessment, your surgeon will suggest the best size and type of implant for your figure. A variety of models and sizes is available

What are the most common risks with silicone gel implants ?

Fibrous shell: it is vital that a physiological shell should form around a breast implant. This is a natural reaction by the body that forms a sort of membrane around any foreign body in order to isolate it off.

Distinction is made between four stages of firmness from normal to the most extreme forms of shell with the breast becoming hard, immobile and sometimes painful.

Rupture: this risk is exacerbated by factors such as violent shock and the age of the implant. When a silicone gel-filled breast implant breaks, the gel may stay inside the fibrous shell that surrounds the implant and go unnoticed.

Alternatively, it may diffuse out across the shell and inflamed patches of lymph tissue may even form. If a breast implant ruptures, it will be surgically removed and the inflammation will regress.

What effects will pregnancy have on my bosom ?

Every woman is unique and everyone will have a different experience of pregnancy. Your breasts will swell and undergo all the usual changes in pregnancy. The extent of swelling will vary from one woman to another as well as depending on the size of the implant.

What do I do when there is a problem with my implant ?

First of all, get in touch with your surgeon who is the person most familiar with your medical history and who is in the best position to answer your questions.

How long does it take to see the outcome?

Immediately after the procedure, the breasts will be swollen, firm, painful to the touch and relatively immobile, i.e. they will look unnatural. After about a month, they will be much softer and more mobile, and the swelling will start to go down. Your breasts will not take on their definitive appearance for six months to a year.

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Dr. Somasundaram

Klinik Plastic Surgery Soma SJ Clinical Aesthetics Sdn. Bhd.

No. 60, Ground Floor, Jalan SS 15/5A,
47500 Subang Jaya, Selangor

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Nicanor Plastic & Cosmetic Surgery

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Dr. Jagjeet Singh

Bukit Tinggi Medical Centre

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41200 Klang, Selangor

Dr. Muya

Dr Muya Plastic Surgery

MSU Medical Centre, Jln Boling Padang 13/64, Seksyen 13, 40100 Shah Alam, Selangor

Dr. Chai Siew Cheng

MSU Medical Centre, Shah Alam

Kalo Cosmetic Surgery, Kuala Lumpur

Dr. William Tiong

Borneo Medical Centre (Miri)

Lot 1959, Block 10, MCLD, Jalan Cahaya, Off, Bintulu – Miri Hwy, 98000 Miri, Sarawak

Dr. John Ranjit Nesaraj

Subang Jaya Medical Centre

No. 1, Jalan SS 12/1A
47500 Subang Jaya,
Selangor, Malaysia

Dr. Lee Shi Zhen

Pantai Hospital Ayer Keroh

No. C113A, 1st Floor, Block C, No. 2418-1, KM 8, Lebuh Ayer Keroh 75450 Melaka

Dr. Khoo Kay Wai

Hospital Kuala Lumpur

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Gleneagles Hospital Kuala Lumpur

ALPS Medical Centre

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